Death by Revolution? The Economic and Socioeconomic Impact of the Arab Uprising

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In 2010, riots erupted in the Middle East and started what now has become known as the Arab Uprising. In 2011, some countries fell into protracted conflict, lasting until today, while others did not.

Socioeconomic Performance in 2010 before Arab Uprising took its toll

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Conflict impacts a country's production function through both capital and labor, significantly decreasing per capita income.

Lost Income
(per capita)

Less educated people due to lost school years pose a major challenge to a country's economy, especially in the long run.

Lost School Years
(age group 6-12)

Wasting impacts the cognitive development of children. Furthermore, it is a string predictor for mortality among children.

Lost Weight Gain
(age group 0-5)

Infant mortality refers to the porbability of dying between birth and the age of 5 years.

Lost Children Lives
(age group 0-5)

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With or without conflict, socioeconomic indicators would have developed differently